Your Ultimate Queen of Spades


Dominant Alpha Female

As a Findom & Femdom, I specialize in the submission and training of servants who embrace a life of purpose serving their Dominant QOS Queen. I expect obedience, sacrifice & constant spoiling for My attention. My full control over your pathetic, indulgent existence will instead channel your energy productively to serve your Black Masters.


Model & CEO

My Modeling Agency The House of Anaconda promotes models passionate about female empowerment & natural beauty. In addition to high fashion & cosplay, Our Models are actively involved in social activism including the Black Lives Matter Movement. HOA seeks to support the individual personalities and beliefs of all our Models & associates and will always support their right to speak out. 


Superiority & Activism

Westernization works to nullify African culture despite the significant impact it continues to have on today's society. The House of Anaconda is educating privileged men about the truth of whitewashed history, the lasting corruption of colonization and how to make amends through donation and service.